Scar House & Angram Reservoirs

Located high up at the head of Nidderdale, Scar House and Angram are well worth a visit and are great for walking. Today they are well known for their peace and solitude, however that hasn’t always been the case. There is a fascinating history around the building of Scar House Reservoir and less than 100 years ago the site was a noisy and dangerous work site buzzing with activity. Huge amounts of manpower had to be drafted in to build the reservoir and as a result a whole village was created.

You can still see the remains of where the village once stood and the landscape is scarred by the old quarries and railway lines. With a bit of imagination you can picture the thriving community that once lived there. Work on Scar House Reservoir began on 5 October 1921 and took 15 years to complete.

There is a large free car park and toilets.

Where: 4 miles outside Lofthouse village. Heading towards Middlesmoor, take the 'Yorkshire Water' private road on the right just as you leave the village.