Built Environment Initiative

What is the grant for?

To promote the repair of listed buildings and structures which are considered to be at risk throughout Nidderdale AONB - including traditional paving, walls and fencing with historic / visual significance.

There are three grants available:

  • Historic buildings and structures repair grants: the repair of historic buildings and structures that are considered to be at risk

  • Building repairs grants: targeted on the repair of listed buildings throughout the AONB and traditional buildings in conservation areas

  • Environmental enhancement grants: especially targeted on the repair or reinstatement of historic features such as traditional paving, stone walls (where they are of historic or visual importance to the landscape or within a settlement) and 'estate' fencing.

The scheme is administered by Harrogate Borough Council's conservation & design section.

How much money is available?

Grants of up to £10,000 can be awarded to a maximum of 75% of costs.

Further information

Naiomi Kempton, Principal Conservation Officer at Harrogate Borough Council
E: Naiomi.Kempton@harrogate.gov.uk
T: 01423 500600