There are some incredible caving areas in the Yorkshire Dales that are often considered the best in the UK – a result of the particular geology of the region and the amount of rain we get! Over thousands of years the limestone has been eroded to form extraordinary underground systems of passages and shafts for caving enthusiasts to explore.

Caving in Nidderdale AONB provides a unique experience away from the more well known caves in the Ingleton area of the Yorkshire Dales.

The three main caves in Nidderdale are Manchester Hole, Goyden Pot and New Goyden. Each one provides a different caving experience from the last.

In terms of Geology this caving area in Nidderdale is formed in the bands of rock of the Yordale Series, which consist of smaller beds of Limestone of up to 20 metres deep. The caves are not home to huge vertical descents and passages but offer plenty of horizontal ones along with opportunities for abseils in the larger chambers of Goyden Pot.

The level of water inside the caves varies hugely to reflect rainfall and some areas of the caves can often be inaccessible or dangerous after heavy rains. Cavers need to have a sound knowledge of the caving system they want to visit and be mindful of recent weather conditions.

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